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Haunted Littlecote Manor!
John writes, "I have decided to send you this ghost photograph, and a close-up taken from it. It was provided a while ago by a semi-retired lady who teaches part-time at my wife's school. This digital imagery is almost certainly an authentic snapshot photograph. It was taken at midday at the end of a weekend away during March 3003, at the very haunted Littlecote Manor, Berkshire UK, with her husband. She is adamant that the doorway was empty when they took the snap. Mrs. Levy is a reputable schoolteacher, and isn't the hoaxing kind. She has gained little, save for skepticism, from these images! I find them to be hauntingly beautiful, whether genuine or not. If they are fake, then Mrs. Levy must know that they put her in a very dubious position professionally, because she shows them to her classes! She and her husband still can't believe what they downloaded when they got home. Some time ago, I sent these images to The Fortean Times, an internationally renowned journal of strange and anomalous phenomena. They published them in their Letters section. They printed no response in subsequent issues, however. This surprises me, because they rank highly, in my view, against famous ghost photographs. Also, The Society for Psychical Research accepted them into their archives. A famous authority on British costume, who wish to remain anonymous, identified the style of coat as belonging to the period 1660's to late 18th century.

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Flowing jacket in the doorway


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How legs would appear if shown


  Dark Angel's comments:
This photo is interesting for the fact that the coat is very bright and detailed, yet there is nothing else of this person showing.  We should at least be able to see something of the lower portion of the person, their legs or at the very least, their shoes.

Viewer Comments:
Jamie writes, "The kind of coat seen in this picture is usually called by the French term 'justaucorps' and as the anonymous expert says, was developed in the later 1600s and was used until the later 1700s. It is pretty distinctive in the photo (though the side-pleats seem to be missing), and the small size of the cuffs suggest a later date, perhaps around 1750 or even a trifle later. There is a bit of the problem with the reconstruction of the legs, however - the justaucorps was usually knee-length, and so if there was an invisible person in this coat, his feet would appear to be about a foot above the ground. Also note the dark bit at the top of the shoulder - it looks to me like curls from a dark wig spilling onto the shoulder. Because it is so clear, I would be inclined to suggest that this was copied from a painting or a photograph and pasted in, except that there should be a hand coming out of the sleeve - it could be removed in Photoshop, of course, but it is not the easiest thing to do. For more examples of such coats, see: http://www.marquise.de/en/index.html

 Submitted by:  John

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