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Demon? Or ghost on his knees?
Erin writes, "This is a pic of a ghost in my backyard...at first I thought it was my breath condensing in the cold b/c I don't smoke and nothing was on fire, but I took another picture actually of my breath and it looks nothing like this one!!! it looks like a demon holding a lady across its arms!!! weird huh???"


To me it looks like a ghost on his knees facing
the tree and the kid on the rope is about to kick him. :)


 Jim's comments:
I guess everyone will see it a bit differently, but I definitely see what looks like a male ghost on his knees facing the tree. And there seems to be all kinds of swirling misty energy on this ghost guys back. By the way, just to let everyone know, this photo was submitted in October 2001. So never give up hope on your picture getting posted. :)  Oh, and as a side note, this ghost guy looks to be naked. I almost drew on some clothes to cover his rear end.  :)

Viewer comments:
I am a long time fan of your web site, I was looking through the July pics and when I saw this one my hair almost stood on end. What I see is a naked African American man about to be hanged by a KKK member who is indeed about to kick him. To me the thing on his back looks like the rope pooled on his back. This picture is an ugly reminder that the human race can be so vicious and cruel that it actually made me cry. I don't know why but I felt compelled to write to you, thanks for your time. Sincerely, Beth from Alaska.

Another viewer comment:
I definitely think this photo is of a large, naked black man with a KKK member leaning over him.  I thought this prior to even reading the message from Beth. The photo is quite compelling.  You can sense the energy emanating from the scene and I agree that this was most likely a lynching. It's a very disturbing picture but I would be interested to know where the photo was taken. Sallie  sallieallen@citlink.net
 Submitted by:  Erin

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