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Baby visit's it's death mask!
Heather writes, "This is a picture of my cat scrabble the picture was taken with a Hewlett Packard digital camera. While loading the pictures I took of my house I noticed something strange in a lot of them. This one creped me out the most. The orange statue below the cat is the bust of a baby head itís called a death mask. When a baby dies they make casts of the babies head for the parents. I found it in an antique store. Ever since I got it strange things have been happening. I think the figure in the picture is of this baby. I tired to do research but came up with nothing. I think it has to do with the bust not the house. A few times I woke up to the sound of a baby crying Itís hard to make out but in every picture I took of or around the bust the image appeared."


The image of a baby next to "baby death mask"


We requested actual pics of the death mask and here they are!

 Jim's comments:
There seems to be a connection from the baby to it's death mask. The thing I have to ask myself however, is how this item got away from the family and ended up at an antique store? Very sad situation.

Viewer's comments:
Burke writes, Okay, I routinely visit these types of sites because I enjoy them tremendously. I should state that I am a practicing Draconian. It's like Wicca or Paganism but there are other focuses. Mainly on a certain type of ancient creature, and spirits thereof. (see if you can guess, lol) One thing all three beliefs have in common is the belief in the presence of different types of energies. One of the major sheres of energy is spiritual. This energy comes in two forms malignant and benign. Those terms are self-explanatory. I won't bother you with the tedium! Pictures such as the ones your sight features carry energy, especially in person. The energy is strongest in the film itself, and gets weaker the further from that source. This is why I am so very concerned. Most of the authentic pictures on your sight carry such an energy with them, but only faintly. In fact I usually can't even tell if the ghosts are friendly or malicious. But the picture contained herein, at the following link: ghoststudy.com/monthly/jul04/mask.htm
Is most riveting. Downloading a picture over the internet is probably the weakest energy signature you will get. However, with this picture of this death mask, I can feel a presence in the room with me. The energy in the bronze is very strong and very, very MALICIOUS! Never before have I felt the actual presence of a spirit so clearly through the net. Just viewing the picture gives me a headache, chills, and makes me sick to my stomach. I sense the departed child is in a lot of pain. It is very scared and confused. It wants its parents. These kind of spirits aren't intentionally malicious, but they are still very dangerous. The more scared they get, the more they lash out. It's like puppy of a big breed of dog, like a retriever for example. The puppy doesn't know its own strength. Neither does the spirit of this child. Please contact the woman who submitted the photo, Heather was the name, I believe. There was no email address on the page. I hope you still have her address. If you can, write her, and tell her she needs to remove that object from her house immediately. The entire household may be in grave danger. Please feel free to forward her my address, I would be happy to answer any questions she may have about my concerns.

 Submitted by:  Heather

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