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Abandoned house has spooks!
Mike writes, "I came across your site today and know that you will enjoy seeing this photo that was taken about 7 years ago by a friend of mine in a old abandon house.  I wrote an article for an online magazine to give them more details about the photos.  Check it out. When we started viewing the photos we discovered that less than obvious items became more interesting when turned upside-down. One thought concerning viewing normal photos upside-down. A camera's lens turns the picture upside-down when it exposes the film. We automatically turn the pictures over and view them upright. Perhaps a spirit passes into a camera without requiring a lens so it actually appears upright on an inverted image. There is a stack of photos that were taken in this house and some are quite amazing.  Some were taken with infrared film. If you are interested in more let me know.  There are others that are yet unpublished."


Row of faces along left door frame


A message board member submitted this... thank, Eleonore


 Jim's comments:
We all but freaked out when we (here at Ghoststudy) saw these photos for the first time... wow! We would do well to adhere to Mike's words concerning the fact that we need to look at photos from all angles. Ghosts often show appearing upside-down in photos, so let's not overlook that fact when reviewing our own pics. :)  
 Submitted by:  Mike

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