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Guard of the tower!
Andy writes, "I and I was out with my new digital camera last Thursday taking random snap shots for my website and took one of this tower in a park not far from where I live. Nothing seemed unusual as I took many photos in the park... Once I got home and downloaded the images to my computer. I was looking through them, testing areas to crop for abstract images and on this photo of the tower I noticed what looked like a person in the middle window area. Now this has to be strange as the tower has been locked up and out of public use for some years now. Creepy but cool, I'm gonna go back to the tower and ask the park keeper if he would let me go inside so I can take some photos within, ill keep you all up to date if I catch any more spooks... Thanks for taking the time to read this and post it on the site if you do."


Appearance of what seems to be a human figure



 Jim's comments:
People usually hate me for posting these types of photos but I find them fascinating. I know the figure is not as clear as we would generally like to see, but in this case, I'll take what I can get. ;)
 Submitted by:  Andy

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