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Grey lady captured at Willard!
Greg writes, "I caught these pics of the Grey Lady on the Willard library
 cam last fall. I submitted them to the Willard site, but never heard back.
 Maybe you can use them. Also attached is a pic I noticed when watching 
the cams at the Abandoned Hospital site. Hope you like them!"
See Jim's comments below for abandoned Hospital cam pic


Capture one

Capture 2

Capture 3

All three captures enlarged


 Jim's comments:
I wrote Greg with my concerns with these captures possibility being manipulated. His response is below:
Jim, If you are hinting that I altered the photos in anyway, then no, 
do not post them. I "captured" these images directly from the Willard
Library website, while watching the cam update at its regular interval. 
I did not alter these pics. I would rather you not post them at all if 
you consider them fake, as I believe them to be real, and would like 
to look else where for professional opinion. Do you intend to post 
the Hospital pic as a fake as well? Please do not. I took interest
in your site for the wide assortment of photos you post.

Creg's capture of the abandoned hospital cam

Click to enlarge

 Submitted by:  Greg

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