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Jockey Club bar ghost!
Enrique writes, "This time I am submitting a strange photo my uncle brought me. This photo is from 1930 or so, and it was taken near the Governors building here in our city (Saltillo). Today this place does not exists anymore and is now being repaired for government offices. This bar was called Jockey Club and closed its doors many years ago, and countless generations of patrons and people from locale folk went there to have their kloster beer, play domino or so, but... since those days strange phenomena was reported, like cold air currents, strange noises, weird pranks, lost objects, etc. You can see here a picture of the bartender and some patrons there, and if you look over the counter, there is a weird little child (boy or girl, I don't know) who is carrying a doll (amplified on yellow circle). And behind him, there is a picture hanging on the wall. Watch it closely and you will see a cloaked figure---- perhaps a wraith or some kind of demon? (amplified in red circle) Workers there have reported seeing a small little girl in pink old fashioned clothes playing in ledges and dangerous places in the construction site. And when they try to call her she vanishes."


Image of a child on top of the shelves



  Jim's comments:
Very creepy image of a young child holding a rag doll.

Viewer comments:
it is a little boy in a cowboy hat......and the image to HIS right is freakishly disturbing, if you can make it out. try not to see the slanted eyes. See it top to bottom above the bartenders head. there is a very intriguing story behind that little boy.....I can assure you of that jim.
 Submitted by:  Enrique

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