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 Posted: February 15, 2005


Submissions from last month's challenge!
We asked the viewers of Ghoststudy last month to try changing this China man's smoke photo. We did this project in order to show how manipulation of the smoke is possible. Well, we received 87 submissions! It was hard to choose only 10 but these are the ones we chose to display.


Here's the original photo
Thanks to a viewer, we now know that this photo on the left is a manipulated photo and was created specifically for a contest. they changed the structure of the smoke in order to accommodate the Chinaman's face. The photo manipulation is exceptional.

Our research project
For our own research project, we went a step further. We asked the viewers to submit their own versions of the Chinaman photo. They could either replace the figure or add others to the photo. As a result, we ended up with the below enhancements. The submissions are very much appreciated and it shows that those with the right talent can do some extraordinary things.

We thank everyone for participating!

Evil entity

Horned creature

Scary figure with fingers

Face immerging through smoke

Lady of the fire

Multiple figures

A second Chinaman on the left

A skull figure

A lion on the left

Lot's of fun stuff

Viewer comments:
Richard writes, "Great site. I've enjoyed this site for quite a while, but, people of Asian extraction may find 'China man photo challenge' for July 2005 Ghostly Photos! offensive. Me, being half Asian, I find the term 'chainman' somewhat controversial."

Jim's response: I'm sorry, we meant no harm.

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