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Remember this JESUS Photo?!

This famous Jesus photo was recently for sale on eBay!

ORIGINAL PARANORMAL PHOTO OF WHAT APPEARS TO BE AN ANGEL OR JESUS Overview: This fascinating photo was taken in the 1960’s at a funeral in Ventura, California. The photo was taken with a black & white camera by Elizabeth Cortez at her father’s funeral. Upon developing the film Elizabeth noticed something shocking. The photo shows a well defined apparition in the clouds that appears to be an angel or Jesus wearing a flowing robe and a sash. The figure in the clouds is so well defined and in contrast to the rest of the photo that the result is a truly amazing paranormal image. Subsequent examination of the negative yields more startling results. The negative not only defines the angel’s lines more clearly, but also calls attention to what appears to be a hand holding a staff in the middle of the picture. The photo was only recently discovered by the nephew of the photographer in a forgotten family photo album. This photo is absolutely untouched and comes with the original negative in the original envelope from the photo shop that developed it.


  • Photo Measures 3.5” x 5”
  • Negative Measures 2.75” x 3.5”
  • Comes in Original Developer Shop Envelope

Condition: Photo and negative are in excellent condition especially considering they’re more than 40 years old

Notes: This is not a hoax. The photo and negative are authentic, original, and untouched. Admittedly, speculation is being made about what the photo depicts but only based on what quite clearly appears in the picture. 


Image of Jesus appears in this photo


See these pics at full-size - click here

Original negative and photo, side by side

Close-up of negative

Original Developer Shop Envelope


  Jim's comments:
We've seen this photo for years plastered all over the Internet but finally we have the true story. The original owner recently placed this photo up for auction on eBay. The opening bid was $3,000! The photo was not sold. I however, made an offer after the auction. I guess my offer was not acceptable because I never heard back from them. Overall, we are happy to display the photo with all the information available for authenticating the facts concerning it.
Comments from viewer:  (plus pics)
Mylan writes, "I noticed your first pic in the new July gallery called "Remember this Jesus pic?!!". I have a very interesting story for you I live her in Austin Texas, and about 3 or 4 months ago I had a friend go to a flea market here and she bought a bunch of post cards tied in rubber bands for like 25 cents.  As she went home she was watching TV when this Jesus/Church program came on.  She decided to turn it off and go write the postcards.  As she untied them the first thing to fall out is THE EXACT SAME PICTURE YOU HAVE POSTED!!! She called me and asked if I was around so she could show it to me.  Its the exact same one you have posted.  It says July 73 on the side with Kodak Paper labeled along the back of the print.  It has a small crease in the middle like its really old, but I've had it for the last 4 months and no idea where or how it came about until I saw the pic posted.  I've kept it in a safe place so there is no damage from me. Do I have a reprint of it do you think, or was there only one copy made....and do you know where the pic went after being posted on EBay????  I am trying to get my digital cam to work and I will email you the pic that I have to verify its the exact same one. let me know what you think. I will be more than happy to find out about this picture because I have no idea what so ever on how it came about and with few clues."   Mylan's pics below:

 Submitted by:  Ghoststudy research

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