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Electric flashes of blue light!
They write, "These pictures were taken the night after my sister's graduation party. Amazingly, no one had taken the picture, and no one could describe them to us. In one a woman can be seen, but not clearly. In the other, it looks as if the "lighting" stripes form a devilish face. Hopefully you can explain them."


Bursts of blue electrical type of energy

Second picture - more of the same.

 Jim's comments:
We have seen this type of phenomena three times before and I believe we have two similar types of energy pics in the gallery. We can't explain it, but if you can, please write us here at Ghoststudy. I see the face in the second photo that is marked, but I also see a face in each picture that is not marked. In the top picture I see a face looking to the left...it's just below the Ghoststudy watermark. In the second picture I see a face at the bottom of the photo in the middle. But whether they are faces or not, is unknown. I think the blue bursts of energy is absolutely amazing!  By the way, both photos are sideways, and the glowing object is actually a light bulb and it's reflection.

Member's Comments

Laura writes, "Hello Jim, My 14 year old son and I were looking at your recent photo's for June. When we got to the photo with the "electric flashes of blue light," my son told me that some of his friends at school have had the same thing happen when they BANG their camera's (disposable ones) after they are done using the whole camera. I asked my son why they would bang their camera and he said he didn't know, maybe just for the fun of it. Since they are disposable camera's I guess they wouldn't care what happens to the camera. I thought that I would let you know about this. I wonder what kind of camera's were used in the photo's that you mentioned were sent to you that are like this one? I can't imagine banging my digital camera and taking the chance of damaging it just to get a ghostly affect. I love your site! Laura in Michigan :)
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