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Ghost on Empire State Building observation deck!
Scott writes, "Jim, while visiting New York this April, I went up to the observation deck of the Empire State building. It was very clear, very cold, and very windy. I took many pictures with a new Sony 3.2MP digital camera atop the building. I wanted to get a shot of the city below with the side of the building showing. So, I reached through the safety fence and placed the camera on the top of a concrete column for stability, as the wind was very strong and the camera was set for night-shot (long exposure). I tilted the camera forward, to look down to the city below, and snapped the picture. This picture clearly shows an apparition that is coming out of the side of the Empire State building in somewhat like a swirling vortex. I hope you like it."


Lot's of smooth write energy coming from the building

Close-up of this beautiful and most unusual appearance

This section of the photo looks a bit like a hand with a pointing finger

 Jim's comments:
I really can't explain it but it's one of the most beautiful ghost photographs I have ever seen. And the view of New York city from the observation deck is simply breathtaking...what a bonus!  : )
 Submitted by:  Scott

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