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Campfire spirit in white!
Chuck writes, "I used to work at a used furniture store and I was cleaning up an old hutch and discovered this photograph. It intrigued me so I inquired about who it was we purchased the hutch from then went to see them with the picture. After a very friendly elderly lady greeted me I showed her the photo and she turned stark white! She said the pic was of her 2 daughters on a camping trip they took not long after her husband unexpectedly died. Guess who decided to come along?"


Appearance of a spirit



  Jim's comments:
From what we have observed... spirits have a tendency to wear white robes as do angels. But ghosts however, are indifferent. So we suspect that this could very well be the father (in spirit) of these children in the photo. Very nice!   Please read the update below

Viewer Comments (update):
I stumbled across your website today, and the site got me thinking about the picture in reference.  It just so happens you have a copy of it!  It blew me away that I actually found this photo that I saw some 15 years ago. I attended Skycrest Christian School in Clearwater, Florida in the late 80’s early 90’s.  Mrs. Benitez attended the same church as the youth group in the picture.  She is the teacher I referenced.  She taught 1st grade for a number of years at Skycrest.  She got a hold of the picture because her daughter was there at the camp.  Everyone that was at the camp told the story of the biker gang that tried to rob them, and how they just road off.  That week, the pictures were developed and everyone’s stomach sank in sheer awe.   I will never forget the feeling I had at when seeing the photo for the first time. My information doesn’t necessarily conflict with the story Chuck (the current owner of the photo) was told.  Except the people that were actually present believe it to be a guardian Angel not the ghost of the children’s father.  Of course, no one stopped to check the spirit’s ID. J Again, I saw this original photo the week after it was taken.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this photo is legitimate.  Dozens of people witnessed the events during the campfire, and maybe hundreds of people saw the photo. Hold on to this.  I do not know about the rest of the photos you have, but this one is for real!

 Submitted by:  Chuck

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