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Demon in cigar smoke!
Amy writes, "This is a picture that my nephew took with his cell phone. He is smoking a cigar and in the upper right hand corner there is a formation of the devil with his mouth open. It is very clear. There also looks to be an orb close to the cigar. I couldn't believe how creepy this is. Please let me know what you think."


Cigar smoke produces a demon face



  Jim's comments:
The strange thing about this photo is that the consistency of the smoke changes where it becomes an evil looking head. We thought it was quite interesting. Originally, I posted this in the May gallery under the "not so ghostly" section. However, after hearing from Amy about my decision, I decided to post it here. It really is quite peculiar and worth our consideration.

Letter Amy sent me after I posted it in the May gallery
Hello Jim, I'm writing because I recently submitted a picture of my nephew taken with his cell phone. It showed him smoking a cigar and the shape of the devil formed in the smoke. I was happy to see that you received it but disappointed at the fact that it was under the title "This Month's Fakes". Unfortunately you are mistaken because this photo was not altered or enhanced in any way, shape, or form. So thank you for posting my picture although in the incorrect section. Take Care.

Viewer comments
I came across the "Demon in cigar smoke" picture and I noticed that you said: "The strange thing about this photo is that the consistency of the smoke changes where it becomes an evil looking head." I studied the picture carefully and I think the reason why the consistency is different is because the smoke that the head is shaped from is the smoke that is running from the tip of the cigar, the other smoke with the different consistency is the smoke that he is blowing from his mouth. You can trace the smoke from the head down to the tip of the cigar. Just thought I would share my thoughts."

 Submitted by:  Amy

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