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Ghost at church service!
My name is Lesley Moorse, from North West London, UK.
I am a big fan of your website. I regularly looking through the galleries and im very interested in the "things that can't be explained", especially when visual photographs tell you otherwise. I'm sending you this photo as i believe this is one of those 'special' occasions and I hope you and the readers will find this as 'creepy & fascinating' as i do.  
This photo was taken in 1999 in Barbados...it belongs to a male friend of mine who's family are from the island of Barbados too. He was on holiday there with family visiting other family members. His uncle is the pastor of this church (which is an old gospel church used by the people for over 200 years)...and his uncle was delivering a service at the time that this photo was taken. My friend didn't want to disturb the service so took the picture from 'outside, the door looking in'. The only problem is you cant see his uncle due to what is standing in the doorway. There is the creepy black outline of a what looks like a 'shadow woman', elegantly posing or a priest...(but there is something I don't like about the hand  - its very boney and skeletal). If you look closely in the middle of the black figure, they also appears to be a small strange light in the centre of it...and I don't know if its me but I almost see a face there too.... There is also a faint outline of what looks to be someone else standing next to her...a male figure...I can see his collar line, his leg & left shoulder of this but it is not as 'prominent' as the black figure. Don't you think it looks like they are posing for this photo? I have also noticed a streak of light flying out of the front door but I wasn't sure if this was exposure. The figure standing near the front door is a human listening to the church service. I have attached the photo & another photo outlining what I can see... Please can you put this up on your gallery - i would love to hear what other people think about this photo and so would my friend who had kindly donated his picture. Many thanks for your time & keep up the interesting work!! Kindest Regards from a cold London.

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Spirit activity during church service


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Close-up that Lesley outlined for us


  Dark Angel's comments:
While there could be an argument in favor of motion blur here, we ruled it out due to the extremely disproportioned figure of the woman, and the almost 100% transparency of the man. 
 Submitted by:  Lesley
Email: bandwydth@yahoo.co.uk

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