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Lesson - Motion Streams!
Because lights are bright, any movement of the camera at the time of the snap can inadvertently create motion streams in your photos. Of course camera settings and film speed are factors as well. One of the most telling signs of motion streams will be streaks that identically parallel each other in movement.  Different light sources will have the same streak pattern, because it's caused by movement from the camera itself, not the lights. And these are definitely NOT ghosts. The first thing to streak will be lights, reflective surfaces and bright objects. Even light sources outside of the cameras view finder can still cause motion streams in your photo. They will still streak and leave everything else in the photo in focus. Obviously, it's best to use a tripod at night. That rule is especially true when you use a camera with a "night setting". In that mode, the shutter stays open longer, which makes your pics more susceptible to streaking and streams of light.  Even the simple act of depressing the camera button, can push against the camera, making it move slightly, thus creating this same streaming effect.


Identical twin streaks & streamer

Multiple streams from birthday cake


See these pics at full-size - click here

Twin streams (also snow, and false orb)

Twin streams and multiple motion streaks


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