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Apparition in reflection!

Jim writes, "I have sent you a photo before ("Blue figure 1996 " attached again) and I have a couple more.  One was taken at a Family Christmas party at my house. In the upper left hand corner, there is what should be a reflection of a flash off the patio door. I sent a photo of what the flash should have looked like, taken shortly after viewing the photo. As I enlarge that part of the image, it looks like a woman in a old fashion dress with her arms raised almost shoulder high. Almost like an angel with what looks like a bright light above her head. Earlier in the year I had a reading with a medium to contact my mother who passed in 1997.  It was amazing to say the least. The day before this party I had asked my mother out loud that if she had nothing going on "up there" , that she was more than welcome to come to the family Christmas party. My wife laughed then, but when she saw this photo the next day, she said she got Goosebumps. Was it her visiting that day or just an odd flash off the glass? I get quite a few photos that have what they call "orbs" on them.  This one is a little different, it seems to be moving on the picture, kind of a blur movement.  Just thought I'd share."

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Image of a woman in the door's reflection



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Blue ghost on Halloween


  Jim's comments:
We may have posted this photo a few years back but I think it was in the "Secret Crypt". If it was already posted in the gallery then it's back with special honors. The flash is actually covering over the reflected flash on the door. It's almost like the spirit used the energy of the flash to materialize. The thumbnail to the right is a second photo that was taken for comparison with no spirit appearing.

The pic of the blue ghost is way cooool!
 Submitted by:  Jim

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