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Warning: disturbing & graphic!
Crystal writes, "It has taken me quite some time to submit this photograph as the serious content and very nature is disturbing to say the least. Although this photo has been displayed in numerous museums across the country as part of James Allenís collection of American Lynching Photography, and recently discussed on 20/20 therefore original in its appearance; only the viewers of this site, members of your staff and the researcher of life after death can grasp the real significance of what has really taken place in the photo. If you take notice, as I am well aware that it is clear to see, the man at the foot of the tree having just met his unfortunate fate at the hands of an angry mob, according to historical accounts has not been set ablaze but yet you see that a misty haze (much like the ectoplasm mentioned frequently on this site) rising from and above his body has been caught on film. I believe that this photo, your site, the observant eyes of your viewers, and the revealing of historical truths regarding a dark American past has enlightened us all of the compelling proof that there is some form of existence after death."


Mist generated from the deceased body



  Dark Angel's comments:
This photo, though disturbing, only reflects truth...there have been cases of lynch mobs doling out street justice throughout our history.
This photo was obviously taken just after the person died and was lowered to the ground, and certainly does seem to show what could be a misty soul above and connected to the body.  For an extreme close up study of this photo, please click on the thumbnail below.  
 Submitted by:  Crystal

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