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Officer captures ghost!
Roy writes, "I work in law enforcement for a living, but I am an amateur photographer for a hobby. I was taking a picture of an old truck off of Honey Run Road in Chico, California. I swear that I saw nobody inside of this truck when I took this picture. I even walked right up to it. Later when I downloaded the picture onto my computer, I looked closer at what I thought was part of the rear window and it is clearly a face (close-up above, full image below). It appears to be looking right at me when I took this. Your thoughts? I am thoroughly creeped out."

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Great photo of an old truck



  Dark Angel's comments:
At first glance, this does seem like it could be the rear window of the truck, and the vegetation beyond.  However, the rear window on most of these older pickups weren't that large.  Bench seats in those days went straight across at the top, all the way to the door, and did not "round off" the way that modern vehicle seats do.  Nice capture, Roy!

Viewer comments:
Jill writes, "Hi! I saw this pic on your monthly gallery and noticed
what appears to be an Angel in the top left corner ... or is it just my imagination??
 Submitted by:  Roy

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