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Creepy green TV ghost!
Simmy writes, "This pic was taken approximately 5 years ago, it is my daughter in the pic, we were taking pics of the whole birthday celebration thing at a friends house, from blowing candles on cake to her having fun with her uncle...so this is what I found in the pic. I found this pic in amongst all my other pics, never even realized until I had a good hard look at it that there was a face there on the TV...what makes me more adamant its a ghost is that the second pic I've sent has only lines on it, doesn't seem to be a TV program to me... I had a 35mm camera at the time this pic was taken, I seem to have captured a fair bit of activity at this particular house, I don't know if it is the house or the people who live there."


Ghost peering at the baby



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Another one from Simmy
Simmy writes, "Here's another one...this has been a topic of discussion for a while, the only child I had was the one sitting on her daddy's knee in the front of the car. Clearly you can see a baby in the back. I might note too, the baby seat doesn't even look like the baby seat my daughter used, she has a dark blue cover, not grey. This pic intrigues me.

Ghost baby in car seat



  Dark Angel's comments:
These photos go to show that ghosts can, and do, show up for family gatherings.  In the first photo, I can't help but wonder if the TV ghost was actually enjoying things until the balloon noisemaker started up. 
The photo may have simply caught his momentary opinion of it, and does not necessarily mean that this is an evil entity. 
As far as the second photo goes, it would be interesting to find out if this couple had another child after this appearance.  There have been stories of people meeting up in spirit with future children, and it would be interesting to see if this might be one of those cases.

Viewer comment concerning green face:
LeRoy writes, Hi all, first off, thanks for putting up some fresh pics... I love the site and come here often. one of the pics that you have just posted though is easy to explain. "Creepy green TV ghost" is a scene from a television show called "batman beyond". its the continuing saga of a older Bruce Wayne (in the pic) and the young man he picked to take up the cape and cowl in the continuing protection of Gotham city. anyway... it would be easy enough to verify, just watch the show. Thanks again for all your hard work."
 Submitted by:  Simmy

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