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Ghost caught by surprise!
Brent writes, "My wife and I went to visit some relatives in East Texas on Dec.18, 2004. We decided to check out the family cemetery when it got dark, so at 10:30pm we arrived at the site and we walked through the cemetery. The temperature was 45 degrees and it was a really dry, clear night and no one smoked. Now we've had a lot of luck in this cemetery with ectoplasm and orbs in the past. We snapped shots with both a digital camera and 35mm all around and one of the things we captured was this partially materialized figure to the very right of the picture. It looks as though it's a lady looking back at me with a long flowing gown. I can make out the eyes, mouth, and what looks like her hair dropping down. She doesn't look to happy to see me so I thanked her before I left the site. I've outlined the features that I can see + I've added some color so you can see them a little better. I really like your site a lot."


Ghost girl spotted at cemetery

close-up of ghost girl



  Dark Angel's comments:
It seems that this ghost was surprised by the photographer, but just wasn't quick enough to duck out of the photo. 
 Submitted by:  Brent
Email: bwd01@sbcglobal.net

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