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Computer monitor apparition!
Chaz writes, "I took this picture a while back and was shocked when I viewed it back. I was taking some pictures with a new digital camera I got as a gift, I haven't altered the picture in anyway other than cutting my partner out (she was in her night-clothes as we had just got up on my birthday and this was taken in the bedroom) Room layout: There is a wall about 2 feet to the right of the monitor and another wall about 12 feet to the left of the window. If you change the levels on this picture you can see two horns on top of its head. I have not faked this picture and if you think so PLEASE do not use it, I'm not trying to get my pic on a web site, I just want to know WHAT it is (apart from the obvious) At the time of this picture we were having some bad problems in the house, cold spots, bad tempers for no reason (mood swings), and disturbed sleep. Please contact me if you can tell me ANYTHING about this Thanks in advance."


Apparition appears at the top of the computer monitor

Close-up of this girl, monkey, or non human entity

 Jim's comments:
It appears that this apparition is using the energy of the computer to transmit an image of itself for the picture. There also seems to be a separate energy source to the right of the photo as well. You can actually see the streams leading to it's face.

Viewer comment:

Submitted by Misty

 Submitted by:  Chaz

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