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Haunted house, and here's proof!
Dysphoria writes, "I was just going through some old photo albums from when I was a kid, when I was about 3 or 4 years old I lived in this house, the picture is at least 20 years old or more and in perfect shape, as soon as I saw the line going across I knew what I was looking at, my whole life I've had some strange things happen, too many to list here, but after having someone look at the photo of the house I was told, that there is two spirits there, one of a man and one of an old woman, the old woman died there of old age, and the man who died there took his own life, the male was very malevolent, lots of anger, in this house things would move and noises would be heard, I haven't asked my parents much about this house but from what I do know right now this is all true, I was actually surprised this person would tell me this with only looking at a picture, now that I found this picture I keep it in a safe place so nothing will happen to it, after 23 years I finally have some kind of proof of the strange things that happened to me."


Energy streak curves around and enters house


 Jim's comments:
We don't know what this means exactly but it appears that this energy stream is entering the home. It's a fascinating picture to say the least.
 Submitted by:  Dysphoria

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