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This one will scare you!
Chris writes, "This photo was taken on 11-9-01 with a Sony Cybershot 2.1. I was making a pest of myself and took a picture of my son going down the hallway. Imagine my surprise and delight to find this face in the mirror. I was standing in a straight line behind him. I took more pictures later trying to duplicate the picture thinking that maybe some how I was reflected in the mirror. Oh and that is not me...I don't look that bad even on my worst hair day! But as hard as I tired I could not duplicate this picture. I would have to stand about two feet to the left of where I was standing and hold the camera in one hand to get myself in the mirror. I think somebody had stopped to pay a visit. The face appears to be throwing a shadow yet you can see through it to the cupboard reflected in the mirror, or it was standing right next me...scary thought! I have enclosed the full original and the cut out."


Shadow ghost image caught in the mirror


 Spookered's comments:
That gave me the chills! It looks almost….alien to me. Whatever this shadowy image is…it doesn’t look friendly.

Jim's comments:
I think this should be considered an excellent example of a shadow ghost caught on film. It's most definitely a creepy sight and alienish in appearance. Type C shadow image according to class.

 Submitted by:  Chris

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