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I think we have a true orb, folks!
Rachel writes, "I know that you don't normally take orb photos, but I was wondering if this was an actual orb.  I have seen, heard and felt strange things throughout my life, but I've never had anything like this appear on any of my pictures before.  The picture was taken approximately 2 years ago around the Christmas/New Years holiday.  My husband and myself, as well as my younger brother and his wife (at the time) and his two boys and my youngest brother were all at my parents home and I was taking random snapshots of the family.  In this picture, I was sitting on the floor and there is a window to my right, but it faces north and as it was twilight, there was no light coming in the window.  There is nothing directly behind my nephew that would have caused a reflection, nor did this anomaly appear in any of the other pictures I had taken prior to this one.  The only light that was used was the light from the camera flash.  I thought at first it might be my finger, but a: it's too round and b: I was holding the camera with my right hand only and that was on the bottom of the picture as I had held it vertically to take the picture.  I also noticed that it seems to be sort of solid, not transparent like a dust particle.  And that it seems to have more than one edge.  There are a few creases, but that's because it's been sitting in a photo box for quite some time.  My parents had only been in this house for less than a year at the time I took this.  The house is brand new, so no one else has lived in it.  I'm not sure about the land and neither was my mother, but I believe it was farm land prior to being built up.  I asked my mother if anything unusual went on, but she said she hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary.  She did state that once or twice, she thought she heard someone call her name, but being a registered nurse , she passed it off as an auditory hallucination.  My friend joked that maybe it was one of my paternal grandparents checking up on us.  They had both lived with us before passing on.  I like to think so, but one never knows.  What do you think?"


Believed to be a true orb at the top of this photo


 Jim's comments:
It seems that digital cameras are notorious for creating globules or spheres from reflections of such things as dust, moisture and other airborne particles. And the thread that seems to tie them all together is the fact that these orb shapes appear to have a cell wall and substance. We here at Ghoststudy now believe that this type of anomaly is inadvertent camera tricks created from natural sources. I have seen true orbs captured as they tease my dog and as I have filmed them side by side with other ghost hunters, and those are different. Meaning there is no cell wall and no substance. What we are now seeing as a true or positive orb is featured on this page. True orbs seems to have more than one edge as if displaying a vibrating effect or motion... and they are usually NOT perfectly round like camera created orbs. This is the direction we are now going with our theories.
 Submitted by:  Rachel

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