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You have to read this story!
Dan writes, "These photos were taken of me in 1983 - I was six years old. At the time, I had just recovered from severe viral pneumonia and missed three months of school. The night before I got better, I swore I saw a veiled woman in my bedroom. Being a scardie-cat kid all my life (I used to scream for my parents to come rescue me if the floor so much as made a creek) I was amazed at how Unafraid I was of this veiled woman. I just stared at her from bed, until I fell asleep. The next day - I started to recover. I told people for years about this veiled woman, always rolling my eyes at myself for thinking such a stupid thing. But all the same, I could never deny that I actually SAW something. I am now 27 and a few days ago my mother decided to give me a few pictures. I haven't seen these pictures in years. She pointed out the image that appears behind me in the mirror.
I was puzzled, trying to figure out what it was. She then said "It looks like a woman, with a veil." My jaw dropped. It just so happens those pictures were taken of me on my first day BACK to school. My mom was happy that I was healthy enough to return, so she snapped a few pictures of me. IF you zoom in on the pictures, you can see the outline of a woman's face - turned towards the right. You can see her profile. Now, I'm a skeptic. I don't completely believe in this kind of stuff - but I can't deny what my own six year old eyes saw when I was a child, and how for some reason I WASN'T afraid. And I can't deny what is in this photograph. To me, it looks like a woman, with a veil. Maybe someone who helped me at one time, early on in my life. I find that idea comforting."


Veiled spirit materializes



  Jim's comments:
I think the story says it all. Great story... & great photo capture!
I guess I should say that a flash was obviously used and there is a flash focal point at the bottom of the mirror. But a flash spray is not normally smooth and does not take form like its displayed here. But if viewers would like, you are welcome to experiment and sent us your test photos.

Viewer comments:
When I read this story, I was instantly reminded of an experience I had when I was around that age. Mine lasted about a week. I remember the image of a veiled woman in a blue robe. I could never see her face, but her arms remained outstretched. Her robs seemed to be rimmed in some white fabric. I don't know why I saw her, but seeing her had such a calming effect on me. _Jude

 Submitted by:  Dan

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