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Here's Electro boy!
Jack writes, "These photos are from a set. The others were questionable but showed large amounts of distortion and mist. I thought it best not to send these in. I am a member of a very amateur ghost hunting society. We find haunted locations and stay there. We especially focus on outdoor phenomena. The photo was taken in a field not far from a camping barn we were staying in. The area is supposedly haunted by a child who died on the moors nearby in fog one night. The boy in the picture is the least serious member of our group and constantly having a laugh at the whole experience. This photo was taken on a Kodak camera. He stopped scoffing after this picture. We did not see the lightning type bolts at the time but seconds before this photo was taken another member of the group said they felt on edge. Moments after this photo was taken we heard a loud, low growling sound from the nearby woods that scared the crap out of us! I will send the described photo and another taken in the barn itself two hours earlier. The photo from inside the barn shows a bizarre orb type wisp above the same boy who is the subject of the main photo. There is another on his neck. The ghost of the small child must have liked his sense of humor! Still puzzled as to what caused the growling sound. We immediately searched the woods with torches but found nothing."

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Odd Electric Blue Energy


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Odd white forms - on his neck and behind him

Close-up of blotchy leaf form


  Dark Angel's comments:
We found these photos intriguing.  We're not sure if the electrical energy is paranormal energy that's attracted to the young man, or if it's emanating from him.  Either way, the second photo would seem to support that ghosts are attracted to him!
 Submitted by:  Jack

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