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Haunted Hudson House!
Beth writes, "I have been a fan of the site for awhile now. Your site taught me to look at pictures MUCH longer than most people. That is why I was so excited to see the pictures my parents took on their recent trip to New York. The house in this picture was just recently sold by my uncle. It's is located in the Catskills on the Hudson river and is close to 150 years old. I remember visiting there when I was much younger and I can still remember the eerie feeling I had while in the house.
Notice the window on the far left on the second floor. In the bottom right panel, a face is quite obvious. Even my mother admits to seeing it, and she is the one always picking on me for this "strange" hobby. I have included two pictures, a distant as well as a close-up. Please enjoy! I was so excited to find it. 

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Haunted house reveals a ghost in window


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Extreme close-up


  Dark Angel's comments:
It's possible that the face could be the result of 150 year-old-glass rippling, but that wouldn't explain the edge of the face covering over the curtain.  That led us to believe that this is a great capture of a smiling apparition peeking through the curtains.
 Submitted by:  Beth

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