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Secretary of State ghost!
Katrina writes, "This picture was taken in Roseville, MI at 11 Mile and Belanger, by me.  It was around 2:40 AM on a clear night. We decided to go there after reading about the location on another website.  When we were taking the pictures we never thought we would get anything.  It was just something we decided to do spontaneously, it was the first time we pursued something like this.  Here is what the website had to say about the said location - "The new secretary of state building was built around 98, but it was built over the oldest cemetery in Michigan. If you go there around midnight and sit in your car with everything off, you can see ghostly figures in the windows and behind the building. If you get out of your car, they will all disappear, but as soon as you get back in, they will reappear and chase you away." We couldn't see anything unusual until we had taken a picture and brought it back to our home.  Once we got it on our computer we simply adjusted the brightness and contrast and removed some of the speckles/noise or any other type of grain.  We did all this on Paint Shop Pro 8.  Keep in mind I have no real photo editing experience or capabilities.  It appears to be a figure where you can make out eyes, nose, lips and what looks like a hand.  This figure couldn't have been more than a few feet from the passenger window from which the picture was taken.  We weren't able to zoom in either because the zoom function hasn't worked for a while."

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Odd human image at haunted location



  Dark Angel's comments:
This is a very interesting image of what appears to be a man's face, and a bit of detail from his body.  A building isn't always what's haunted every time, because land can be haunted too, as in this case. 
 Submitted by:  Katrina

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