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Ambulance station ghost!
Connie writes, "I was given this photo by a good friend of mine. The picture was taken at an ambulance station that I used to work at and she still does. We have always heard strange noises, including footsteps going across the floor right in front of us. The garage doors would go up and down by themselves. And, several EMTs and Medics would tell me they saw "shadows" out of the corner of their eyes. I also witnessed this several times. I decided to do an investigation with a few of my pieces of equipment. We got several temperature changes, and spikes on my EMF meter. Only one picture turned up a possible orb. The girl who took this picture decided to start taking random pictures around the station and this is one of the most interesting pictures I have seen. No one was smoking and it was a warm summer night about 70 degrees. It to me appears to be ecto forming an apparition. Looks like a girl with her head slightly drooped forward with her hair over her face. She is wearing a seatbelt and has her arms (which appear to be skeleton-like) crossed in front of her. When we zoomed in, we saw several faces also. One that is very distinct with dimension is to the top right side and appears to have a wide jaw and a mean grin with teeth. Could this be some of our accident victims that have passed on? Please tell me what you think."


Ghostly image on the couch


     Dark Angel's comments:
We do see what appears to be a figure reclining on the couch.  Rescue personnel not only deal with death on just about a daily basis, but also provide comfort to those who live and die during emergency situations.  Medical personnel have also been killed in the line of duty.  This apparition could very well be either a patient seeking continued comfort, or a rescue team member staying devoted to duty.
 Submitted by:  Connie

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