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Arm reaching out to baby!
Linda writes, "Over the past 25 years that my husband and I have been married we have always heard and seen strange things around our apt. I have 4 kids ages 27, 25, and 20 yr old twins. to make my story short. I have 5 grandkids now.. in the pic that I am sending it looks like a hand of something covering my grandsons mouth you can make out the hand. and no I wasn't smoking never smoked in my life. could this be the ghost that has followed us all these yrs if so could you tell me who or what it is?"


Arm & hand of a ghost extended out to baby

 Jim's comments:
To us here here at Ghoststudy, it looks like an extended arm of a ghostly figure reaching out to the baby. It actually looks quite impressive. My only concern would be if the photographer was smoking... but it does not however, have the typical cigarette smoke signature that we accustomed to seeing. So with that said, there appears to be a ghost with a special interest in this child.
 Submitted by:  Linda

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