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Oddities in Victoria, Australia!
Jacqui writes, "I live in Victoria Australia I have had several encounters with Spirit/ghostly happenings in and around my home in the last month this pic I took of our car a couple of days after it was rear ended outside our home in the early hours of the morning when we were rudely awakened by the crash. This face/ Spirit was not seen in the car at the time I took this pic with my Digi cam but was taken just on dusk. There was no one walking near the car or outside the car when the picture was taken. I have also had my webcam on in my lounge while being on the computer and have witnessed flying orbs in motion on the webcam just on dusk and taken many pics on my Digital Camera of Orbs and spirits enhanced on photo's hanging in my home. I took the digital Picture of the lounge Orb over my shoulder when I felt a presence behind me without my turning around. The Ghost/Spirit Picture enhanced on my kids photo on the wall above my computer was astounding as there is no ghost/spirit on the photo itself at all. (I blew it up and capped it to get a maximum view of this Spirit.) I truly believe we are have Spirit entities in our home and I am sensitive to the activities that go on such as my partners bedside lamp will switch on and off by itself at random times ( we think its his late mother doing this) and the webcam gets shut off without any help when the orbs are in full activity as well as other such things that happen around the home. Anyway I thought I would post these 3 photo's to you and let you be the judge of them. My Digital camera is a 3.2 Mega Pixel Kodak Easy Share CX7300 Cheers Jacqui in Victoria Australia."


Appears to be a human form facing the two in the photo

Freaky looking face showing up on (or by) the car


 Jim's comments:
The framed picture has a very distinct image of a man facing the woman. You have to wonder why, unless it's his way of trying to show up in the photograph with the least amount of energy. i.e. showing up as six inches vs. a six foot apparition. The face in the car is what really freaked us out! The face overlaps onto the car from the window indicating something more than simple glare. We figured it was odd enough to publish... hope you enjoy.  : )
 Submitted by:  Jacqui

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