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How to use an EMF Meter
Basic instructions for using your meter on a ghost hunt

EMF meters are in common use among ghost hunters and paranormal investigators everywhere. These meters can actually pinpoint and register spirit entities in the location you are investigating, if present. If that wasn't enough, they are also helpful in locating other life forms of unknown origin as well! 

How to use your new EMF Meter:

1. First of all we at believe that spirit entities (ghosts) are an energy form. This energy in turn creates a disruption in the EMF field thus allowing your EMF meter to detect their presence.

2. It's very important to know that the meter must actually make contact with the ghost in order to register. So follow steps 3 & 7 to make this happen.

3. Scan the area you are investigating with a swaying motion from side to side as well as up and down. Do this in a gentle even pattern. Never jerk the meter into position. Note: If you are using the Trifield Natural EM meter, you will need to be extra gentle because it is especially sensitive to movement.

4. EMF meters are also sensitive to power sources and will register such things as televisions, stereos and power lines. It will even register your camera if it's to close to the meter. So be aware of your surroundings before yelling GHOST! The Trifield natural EM meter however, seems to be an exception to this rule and will ignore power sources.

5. Spirit phenomena will normally register in the range of 2.0 to 7.0 milligauss. Note: For those with Trifield natural EM meters, you will want to be using the SUM setting for detecting ghosts. If after eliminating any power sources and you're in that range, you probably have detected a ghost!

6. Try out your new meter and become familiar with it before taking it out on a ghost hunt. Walk up to your television, stereo etc. and get a feel for how it reacts to these electrical sources. Check when they are on and when they are off for comparison.

7. When scanning a room, be sure and check the furniture. This should include such things as the couch and chairs. That's right, ghosts do sit....not that they need too but they do all the same. The same applies outdoors with benches, tombstones etc.

8. It's best to have one person scanning with a meter while another is close by with a camera. When something is detected, the camera person can be notified and pictures immediately taken.

9. Be sure and mark active areas with bright colored tape. Do this so that you can recheck these areas later in the investigation. This is done for two reasons. 

9a - Areas that register activity are usually frequented by ghosts and should be considered a hot spot for your studies.

   9b - It is also important to recheck these areas in case it's just an electrical reading. If continued checks reveal high readings then it's most likely electrical related.

10. Don't be frightened when the meter sounds off. That's why you're there! Enjoy the moment.  :)

11. Be sure to bring along an extra battery just in case.....Happy hunting! 


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