How to capture ghost voices!

The dead do talk, and with the help of electronic devices we can hear them! I've recorded them and I know you can too! I've even captured voices in places that have had no known tragedy or history of a death. It seems that when ghosts catch on to what we're doing they try and respond. I must tell you though, it's usually the ones that are distressed and saddened with despair.  




Rating system for EVP's

 Class A The voices  are understood by all that listen. The words are actually somewhat loud and clear (rare).
 Class B Voices cannot be deciphered clearly and tones are very low and hard to understand
 Class C Voices are extremely faint and almost completely incomprehensible (most common but unexceptable).

"A good investigator is objective. Adheres to scientific protocols, eliminates all other possibilities and presents what is found"

Let's Get started...
First of all There are three proven ways to gather ghost recordings on tape. 1. Lay the unit down with MIC extended, ask a few questions and walk away for twenty minutes. Or, 2. This time lay the unit down and stay there asking questions and pausing for a response. 3. Gently carry the recorder around with you as you walk. Stop and ask a question, pause for answer then move on to the next stop.

Here are Seventeen helpful tips:

1.  Only use new name brand tapes, not department store specials. The better tapes will increase the clarity of the voice you capture and is worth the difference in cost. A tape labeled "normal" from a company such as TDK or Maxell are affordable and fine for use with EVP. Remember, it's not professional to use a previously recorded tape for something as important as this.

2.  If possible, use an EXTERNAL microphone. This will drastically cut down on the motor noises and internal sounds from the recording device. Extend the MIC away from the unit when recording.

3.  If you have to talk on an investigation, do it in a normal voice. Whispering can sound like a ghost voice when playing back the tape.

4.  Always maintain a positive attitude and expect to get results.

5.  As you are recording, be sure to make note of any sounds or noises so as to not confuse it with something paranormal during playback.  

6.  If you're recording unit has a sensitivity level, adjust it to the highest level possible. A ghost voice is usually very faint and anything we can do will help.

7.  Consider setting your unit to "voice activated" mode if it has it. But only do this if your unit is extra sensitive or has the ability to adjust the sensitivity to high.

8.  Both digital and regular tape recorders seem to work fine. However, some say that reel to reel and full size cassette players work the best. That could very well be true, especially when using an external MIC, but I haven't noticed a distinct difference.

9.  At the beginning of your recording session state your location, the time, and the weather conditions. This can be very helpful later on.

10.  Ask the spirits to talk loudly and even shout if possible. We need that voice as loud and clear as possible.  :)

11.  On playback do not confuse background noise and garble as a ghost voice! If it sounds like it could be background noise, then it most likely is just that.

12.  There are several programs that can be used to edit your voice results. You can find some of these on the web at Downloads.com & Tucows.com .

13.  Oh, and here's a secret.....when asking questions for a ghostly response, never say "is anyone there?." ALWAYS act like you know they are there. So say something like "what is your name?" or "is there something I can do for you?" Try it.  :)

14.  During playback it is advised that you use earphones that completely cover your ears as to not allow distractions when you're reviewing for the first time. Oh, and when adjusting the volume make sure it is at a safe level so that  a sudden loud burst will not deafen you.  :) 

15.  Coming soon - a list of instructions for converting your EVP to a a computer file!

16.  Read this investigation report and note how all the steps in this report are followed.

17.  Always express your gratitude at the end of the recording session. They like it when you say Thank you.

Also consider using your video recorder for collecting EVP while filming


Ghost detection meters
How to use them and where to buy them



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