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You know you're a ghost hunter if...

This is a partial list taken from the Ghoststudy Community Board. It was started by Darkangel on April 4th. The board members had a lot of fun building this list and I include part of it here for your enjoyment.....see how you relate  :)

You know you're a ghost hunter if...

You have more photos of ghosts than you do of family photos. 

You hang out on a ghost message board more then any other place on the net 

You talk to a brown out. 

You know you're a ghost hunter when your car has a bumper sticker that reads: I'd Rather Be Ghost hunting! 

You are more afraid of the living than you are of the dead

You're the only one in the photo shop who gets excited over "bad" pictures

Your coolest ghost photo is framed and hanging in the hallway with your family photos

99.99% of your bookmarks on the internet are ghost related.

You invite friends over to watch home movies and they see your last three investigations. (Film of an empty room for 3 hours.)

Your company stops and stares at the Sony Night cam aimed at the bed in the spare bedroom and you have to tell them it isn't what they think it is.

You apologize to the ghost for getting scared because you thought it was a human.

You sit at your computer and look at the reflections in the screen to see if there is anyone' behind you

You sleep with a camera next to your bed, just in case

You find a EMF detector next to the remote for the TV.

Your kid says they have an imaginary friend, and out come the cameras, tape recorders, camcorders

At an event you film the ceiling and places where there are no people

You spend as much time looking at the negatives, as you do the prints.

You spend more time with dead people than the living

You're watching scary movies with your family and someone asks "Can ghosts really do that?" and you actually have an answer.

Attending a family reunion is a trip to the family plot

Your friends tell you not to get involved in this stuff, because you may end up having a ghost possess you!

Your newest electronic toy is an EMF Detector!

You sit at the office all day staring at a mini web cam of some deserted boat's engine room waiting for that "ONE PICTURE" instead of getting any of your work done.

You have more recordings of EVPís than you do of your favorite music

You're the only one at Uncle Bob's funeral with an EMF meter

You've been chased away from the Amityville house after disturbing a family barbeque in the backyard

UPS now delivers your new equipment to the office rather than your home so you don't have to explain to your wife why you need another ghost detector.

You have more photography equipment than a Japanese tourist

You get a new camera and the first thing you do is get rid of the strap.

You are waiting for Reggis to ask, "What is the most Haunted Place on Earth?"

You take a picture of your entire family and ask any deceased relatives to join in the picture

You spend all your free time in haunted buildings

You refuse to make friends with people who are skeptics.

You keep rewinding that part on "3 men and a baby" to try to prove that isn't a cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson. 

You agree and can identify with most of what is written here.  :_ )


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