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How to Perform a Cleansing Ritual

Written by: Dark Angel - Jackie

If your home is definitely haunted by a ghost, and you
want to try to rid your home of this ghost, here is a cleansing
ritual that you can try.


Materials needed: 
_ A smudge stick of sage
_ A lighter or matches
_ A "plate" to catch ashes (an abalone shell works great, do not use anything flammable like paper or styrofoam plates!)

Go to the room that is furthest from the front door. This will be your starting point, and you will work towards the front door. Stand in the center of the room, and light the end of the smudge stick. Hold it over your "plate" so the ashes don't drop on the floor. Very gently blow on the end to get the stick burning enough to produce smoke. Do not blow very hard, because you may blow embers off the end of the smudge stick and burn carpet or furniture, or worse yet, start a fire. When there is steady smoke from the end of the smudge stick, stand still and close your eyes. Focus internally, and imagine a "bubble" of white light inside of you, deep in the center of your body.

Imagine this bubble expanding in all directions, out past your body. As the bubble expands beyond your body, imagine this white light "pushing" negative energy away ahead of it. Let the bubble grow until it is filling the room, and all the negative energy has been pushed out through the window(s) and door. In your mind, command the white light to stay and fill the room, right up to the window(s) and door, and tell it to stay in this room and protect it. Walk towards the door to this room, and as you do, imagine the white light moving ahead of you, pushing negative energy away. Keep holding the "plate" and smudge stick ahead of you as you go, gently blowing as necessary on the stick to keep smoke going. The smoke, along with the white light, is what does the cleansing.
As you walk out into the hallway, if there is a room across from you, this would be the next place to go.

The idea is to try to "sweep" the house from one end to the next. Imagine the light filling the hall and staying there as you go across into the next room. As you enter the next room imagine the white light ahead of you, expanding to fill the room and push negative energy towards and out the window(s). Stop the energy at the windows and once again tell the energy to stay in the room and fill it. And yes, energy will flow through windows. If there is no room, continue down the hallway to the first room you come to. Enter this room, surrounded by white light, and allow the white light to expand and fill the room from the doorway to the window(s), again pushing negativity ahead of it and out the window (s). Continue down the hallway to the next room and repeat. Every room behind you should be left filled with white light as you move ahead. Keep repeating until you have come to the front door.

Once you get to the front door, snuff out the smudge stick by tamping the lit end down into the "plate" until you smother out the embers and it's no longer smoking (like putting out a cigarette). Take the ashes and either: A) sprinkle a line across the doorway on the porch or B) if there are two potted plants on either side of the doorway, put half the ashes in one and half in the other. This will help to further protect the house. The front door is the one most used to enter and exit, so it's always opening. It is therefore more likely to allow ghosts in and needs more protection. If you are working with a two or more story house, start in the uppermost story, furthest away from the stairs. Treat the stairs as though they were the front door to the house. Fill the uppermost level with white light, all the way to the stairs, and fill the stairwell as you go down to the next level.

You may use the option of saying a prayer of protection before and after you cleanse, but the white light surrounding you will act as a shield between you and negative energy. You are, after all, surrounded by it throughout the whole process, but if you are more comfortable with prayer, it certainly can't hurt.


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