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Ah, my eyes are opened!

Weathered tombstone appears haunted!

Tony writes,  "This pic was taken at Toowong cemetery in Brisbane, Australia in 2002. I know its not a real ghost coming thru the grave stone, but it has weathered very interestingly. Hope you can include it."

Water stains create chilling image


Face shows up in back X-Ray!
Asia writes, "It is a photo of my husband's spinal x-ray for a herniated disk (from a side angle). When he first held it up for me to see I noticed a "face" on the left hand side (the 2nd photo has the outline). We know exactly what is causing the "face" and it's a pretty funny explanation so he wanted me to forward the photo to GhostStudy for amusement and opinions of the "face". We are believers in the paranormal and such, and have been intrigued and glued to the GhostStudy website, esp. the photos being submitted in. Thank you for this very interesting and informative site."

We're assuming this is gasses showing up on the X-Ray : )

No matter what it is... it's creepy!  : )

Suspected Chupacabra chasing a deer!

Thomas writes, "I have been visiting your website for a while now and I think that ghosts do exist. Anyway I was searching out one of my favorites paranormal websites and I saw an article about a monster caught on film. It seems to be chasing a deer. This website is all in Spanish, so if  you can read Spanish you can check it out. They think that it is a Chupacabra, but it also seems like a demon. Anyway, check out the picture and tell me what do you think."

Suspected Chupacabra caught on film


Image of an angel appears in sunset!

Robin writes, "I'm from a small string of islands in the western basin of Lake Erie and I love to take sun set pictures. My father and I left North Bass Island in his boat bound for the island of Put-in-Bay, just a few miles away, on 11/26/03. As we left  our marina I started clicking away thinking one of the many would turn out to be a keeper. But I didn't take a look at them until we left two days later. At this time my uncle was dieing from cancer and it was hard for us to enjoy the holiday as he was on all of our minds. That night I said a prayer hoping someone would come to me in my dreams (as they often do) to let me know that everything was going to be alright with him. Well know one showed up that night, and to be honest I was a little put out by that. However all of  that changed when we got home and down loaded the pictures and this is what I found, all the other sunset pictures are normal, before and after, as I took about 10 all together with in about a 15 minute period. Needless to say I was dumb struck by this picture the minute I saw it. To me it is clearly an Angel over Lake Erie. Please feel free to post it if you wish."

Image of an angel in the sunset



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