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Ah, my eyes are opened!

Ghostly Rod appears at funeral!

Lamie writes, "My grandfather died on July 17th, my father died 2 days later, on 19th. The double funeral was on 21st. The picture was taken with a digital cam, but I don't know which one, because I wasn't the photographer. All other pictures are normal, without anything similar to this. The interesting thing is, that the man behind the rod is my father's brother. We had huge problems with him, because he was telling lies to the others about how my father died. He is the troublemaker of the family. If you watch one of the episodes on "Britains forgotten history" site, you can clearly see a rod like this one in an old castle. So probably these rods aren't UFO-related. What do you think? The 1st pic is the original. The 2nd is close-up and the 3rd is a bit contrasted." 
Lamia - lamia@email.si

The tall man with a hat has a Rod going by his chin


This tombstone is watching you!

Jeannette writes, "Please find attached a picture that I took at Eyam in Derbyshire (England) it was taken at the end of June 2004. The face that is shown on the headstone was not present when I took the photo, I only took the picture because it was the same surname as my sisters married name HANCOCK not the HANCOCKE (Riley) graves that were well known for the death during the Black Plague in the 1600's."

There is a definite face which makes this stone seem alive

Beam of light appears at accident scene!

They write, "A friend sent me these photos showing a beam of light appearing after an accident. It's not known if there were any deaths

Beam of light from heaven after bus accident

Second picture from accident scene

Naked creature shows up in picture!

Susan writes, "These were taken in my old apartment. I was taking pictures of my computer monitor which was turned off at the time...On the top picture...there are TONS of ghosties. Going from left to right....There is no explanation  for the shadowy arm like shapes going across the wall into the closet. Inside the closet there looks to be a man. It isn't anyone I know, that's for sure. Directly next to him is what looks to be tapestry border, which I didn't have in any room of the place. To the right of that you can see the bright orb. This is where the monitor is. The orb has layers of mist surrounding it. On the right side of the orb is what looks to be a pointy ear. To the low left of the orb is some kind of sparkly type thing that I don't know what it is. Directly below that are several orb shaped mists, that if you look closely some have faces in them. Especially on the left two mist orbs. On the bottom pic.......Similar to the top, but tamer. The orb and ear are still there, but the sparklies are gone. The faces are easier to see in the mist orbs. Also there is what looks to be some shape, maybe a torso under them You can see the blurred sight of my keyboard on the bottom of the pic.

Image of a naked creature shows up in the picture

Second picture has oddities as well... including this creepy face


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