This is a special addition Paranormal Gallery for December. Most of these photos were in our files collecting dust so we thought we should finally post them for the world to see. Some of them have already made their rounds on other sites while other are being introduced here for the first time ever. There are 20 photos in this gallery!


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December 2006 gallery
  Weird, freaky, and supernatural photos  

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"We had just finished decorating the tree, myself, my husband, and our 3 kids ( 12,7,6 yr old) The kids were watching TV (you'll see the TV reflection in the window), and I decided to take some pics of the decorations - to use one as a Signature on AsylumCam.com- where I am a forum moderator.  I asked the kids to sit on the loveseat opposite from the couch and windows and the tree that you see in the attached pics.   They sat there and waited for me to get done and I went to upload the pics from the cam card.  To my amazement, there this was.  None of us saw it with our eyes.. nor did I feel anything strange, but then again, things have been strange since we moved in so I'm used to it now I guess.  The pic was taken with an older Kodak ds digital science DC210 Zoom Camera Mega pixel.  In only one pic the flash was used, I turned it off to capture the ambience of the candles and holiday lights.  I have included comparison pics from the following day that show more of the area in better lighting.  I would greatly appreciate any time and opinions on this ... It has been rather un nerving seeing it, I guess I was more ok knowing I wasn't living here "alone" and really didn't need to witness it. Thank you so very much!"

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Finally you can find them all in one place!

This is an old family picture. Look over the shoulder of the man. If you think it is a ghost please let me know. Everyone thinks I am crazy. Thank you

Finally you can find them all in one place!

Lauren writes, "Got this photo at a 1900 house I was looking at in Lone Rock, Iowa! There was nothing in that garage and no light either! Eerie!

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Taken from an online auction
For years I had a framed picture of Jesus.  It wasn't until recently that I needed the frame for something else.  As I took the frame apart I noticed that the picture of Jesus was perfectly imprinted with dust on the glass.  This is a rare and valuable item.  How is it that dust can collect right were in needs to be in order to see His eyes, His lips, even His nose with such detail?  This is a one time offer to be able to own something so special.  Consider this natures art,  which can have more than one meaning.  This item is framed with care in an oak frame.

For all you disbelievers out there here is the real thing.  I took this photo myself while recording some remodeling done at my work.  I didn't even look at the photos until 5 months later when I decided to delete them all.  Every picture taken was as clear as a bell, which in itself is bizarre for my camera phone.  This was the last photo and it LITERALLY sent shivers up my spine the first time I saw it.  I'm not positive this image will translate well online, but believe me, aside from the shape of the "cloud" if you look closely in the middle just off center you can see the image of a face. I have shown this picture to several people and they have all had the same reaction - chills.  I'm sure glad I don't work there anymore.


Ron sent this from his files... "This picture, according to the photographer, was taken on October 31. It is a picture of her cat "Boo" laying on the carpet. When they got the film developed a year later - viola! - Witchiepoo came in for a visit!! She can not recall taking a picture of someone coming to the door, so... there you go."

Finally you can find them all in one place!

This item was sold on an online auction
We are a door manufacturing company that manufactures doors with both solid hardwood panels and hardwood plywood panels.  This door was manufactured with solid plywood panels.  The type of wood is poplar in both the door and the plywood.  The plywood was manufactured by Columbia, and was probably never seen by anyone, since the plywood manufacturing process is almost totally automated.  No one saw the other side of the plywood panel until it was almost finished.  We decided not to ship the door to the customer, since it wouldn't be something most people would want in their house. You can see the face in the panel 100 feet away, and up close.  It is a naturally occurring pattern in veneer, that was doubled when the veneer was made by machine, giving it a face in the veneer. It would probably be a one in a million occurrence. 

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I took this picture at a small cemetery in Northern NY state.  It is a small cemetery for local people, and one for POW's that died at Camp Drum in WW2.  in-between the cemeteries, which are right next to each other was a strong feeling of fear and that something bad would happen to you if you went into the POW cemetery.  I took these pics when I was standing in-between.  The first I took over my shoulder when I felt something was there.  I told it I was not going to look at it but to please show up if it liked.  The second was taken of the other cemetery, and I cropped it to show something standing next to the tree.  I lost the original when I cropped it though.  I am not sure what it is, but it looks to me like someone standing there. 


Windows that thousands of visitors believed bore the image of the Virgin Mary were discovered broken recently. The three top panes that showed what appeared to be the Virgin Mary’s veiled head were destroyed, with just shards of glass remaining in the window frames. The damage was discovered when a ministry worker arrived the next morning. The image first appeared a week before Christmas in 1996. Hundreds of thousands of people have since visited the church to worship and take pictures. The image stretched 60 feet high and twenty feet across on nine bronze colored glass panels. The image was evocative of a stained glass portrait of Mary. Shades of purple, blue, yellow, and green washed across the mirrored surface and swirled into a robe-draped figure with downcast head. Unfortunately however, the upper panels of the glass image were destroyed by an 18 year old kid for no particular reason other than to be mean. The vandal received a jail sentence of 10 days and ordered to pay the ministry $1200 for the damage. “He took something that was irreplaceable to the community,” prosecutor Doug Ellis told the kid. The jail stay will be followed by two years of probation.


Michael writes, "This picture was taken in a small village called Blackville, NB. the house is located right beside a graveyard. the picture was taken by friends of my sister as the house was being torn down. it was a cloudy day, so there was no sun that day. after the pics were developed they noticed there was something odd about it. there are three crosses floating in the picture. the large cross is to the left of the machine but higher than the machine. the next cross is just above the ground at the left of the machine. finally the smallest cross looks as if it is just rising out of the ground to the left of the machine. the thing is, is that there are no crosses on that property. I am trying to get a copy of that one as well and will send it as soon as I get it. I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and the picture was taken at Blackville, New Brunswick.

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Lisa writes, "This picture was taken June 2, 2005 at the old Belleview Biltmore hotel in Clearwater, Fl by a security guard.  He was taking random pictures outdoors after dark and snapped this one of my daughter's boyfriend's cigarette smoke.  You can clearly see three parrot-type birds on the left and a blurred fourth one to the right.  The security guard used a digital camera and saw the images instantly on the camera and after loading them on the computer, this is what we got.  Nothing was added or altered.   


Sandy writes, "This photo was taken at Reder Road in Griffith Indiana. It was in the daytime, sunny, clear and no rain or mist in the air and about 75 degrees. The history of Reder Road is said to be haunted by ghosts. The most famous known ghost is that of Elizabeth Wilson who died in a speeding car crash in 1955, thrown from the car and drowning face down in the ditch on the side of the road. Numerous sightings of her ghost has spread throughout our Community throughout the years. It is about a 5 mile stretch of a now barred off road that is no longer open to the public use. Grown up with weeds trees and brush and a narrow pathway is all that is left of the old road. My sister (Robyn) captured this photo in Mid August 2004 while we were on a ghost hunt and gave me permission to send it to you. I truly believe that she has captured the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson. I have also posted this photo on your message board with a lot of responses. What do you think?...........I would truly appreciate response on your opinion"

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Rob writes, "I'm not sure if I already sent this pic to you. I took this photo (DCS03522a) of my kids in front of the Carlyle house in Alexandria Virginia on May 29th. The house was built in 1752. Look at the upper window second from the left. Looks like a figure in the window. The house was closed for tours that day, so no one was in there. These photos were taken with a Sony F717 digital camera.                                                               

Finally you can find them all in one place!


This picture was taken at a Cemetery here in West Virginia. A friend and I were visiting a friends grave and we had our children with us. We were just snapping a few pictures with a HP Photosmart M305 digital camera. We were getting ready to leave and I had just put my son in the car and was coming around to put her daughter in the other side. The door would not open and it was unlocked. I told my friend (Amber) to take a picture because I had heard they they will sometimes mess with you equipment. Well, Her camera even stopped working for a few seconds then she snapped a picture. We didn't know what we had captured until we got home and downloaded it onto a computer. It totally creeped us out. There is what looks like an old Mountaineer looking man on the other side of the car where I had just put my son in and there looks to be a young man standing by the tree with a blue shirt on. He looks as if he is smiling. The blue thing that you see on top of the old mans head is actually a blue Tarp covering wood at a house over there, We went back to check it out and noticed the tarp but you can still clearly see that he is of the Mountaineer era. This is the best picture we had ever taken. We did have it copyrighted so that I could post it. If you can , You may bring it in closer or do whatever you have to do to try and bring them in clearer. You can e-mail me with any questions. Thanks, Dawn & Amber


Jim writes, We disregard most orb pics but this one is considered a true orb photo


Dear Jim, this is my very first time of taking photo's like this and I am not sure what this is.  I recently started reading articles and looking at pics on your site and thought that I would try my luck at it.....on this night it was not windy and me and my friend were walking through a catholic cemetery that some of her boyfriends relatives are laid to rest we were just snapping random pictures and noticed this headstone which happens to be the same last name as her boyfriend just spelled different....it peeked our interest and I am not sure if this is an orb or something else.....there is no light in the background that we are aware of and the only light was from the digital camera we were using and we also got caught by the cop just a few minutes after we took the pic...so if it is not an orb we have a funny story to tell our friends....thank you very much hop you can help


Anthony writes, "This photo I am sending caught my eye when I transferred it from my camera to the PC, It was taken on the 15th July on the train from Marylebone Station, London after 7pm. The window against which I was sitting had a lot on condensation within it.  There was about 2 inches of water at the bottom.  It was difficult to see outside the window because of this condensation. If you look at the photo you can make out distinct figures.  Firstly there seems to be 2 figures embracing. The figure on the left seems to have an arm raised whilst the figure to the right seems to have an arm around the other. To the left of these figures, there seems to be 2 people sat down with their backs towards us. The left figure seems to be toasting with his arm raised and a glass in his hand (zoom in for better look). There seem to be other faint images within this, like a face staring towards me (just above the toasting figure, again zoom needed). I suppose it could be a trick of lights but you have to admit that it’s a rather uncanny snap."


Luna writes, "I took this picture with some friends on Beltane. ( 30. April) It looks like a face...


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This pic was taken on my cell phone. I took the pic of my friend who is in the pic. If you look to the left you'll see something almost hugging her.

Finally you can find them all in one place!

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Can you please take a look at these.  I CAPPED them the other day, and my instincts (which I listen to) told me to start clicking and then it ended.  As you can see, suddenly faces started appearing large and the TV was not on.  The background of the living room is reflected, as is always true when the TV is off in this house.  The faces are actually something that I have seen in ITC website.  In fact, one face you can see through to the reflection of the living room reflecting off the TV.  There is one cap that the dog on the couch is starring at, and I call the cap "CASPER" since it looks like Casper the ghost.  I really would love your input.  I study ITC and EVPs.  I saw on your website a topic about AMC communication.  Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Here's two more!


Jen writes, "I would really appreciate your take on this picture.  My sister and her husband went to Savannah, Georgia and took a ghost tour this June.  When she was going through all the pictures that she had taken she found this...what seems to me to be a mask of some sort...but it doesn't seem to be attached to anything.  She took quite a few pictures of this house and this is the only one that had this in it.  The ONLY alterations that I made to this pic is making it lighter so it could be seen. I don't think it is a reflection because I think it wouldn't be that clear if it were.  I would really like to know what you think of this picture...and feel free to post it if you would like. Click on pics to enlarge

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