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Jason writes, "This picture was taken in the morning time, and if you zoom in on it; it has much more detail. I was just wondering what you thought. This is the house in Sparta, TN. My grandmother and Grandfathers house. You can tell that it is moving at a fast rate of speed, and that is the sun in the right hand corner.. I was taking a picture of the Sunrise about 5 months ago. I just was wondering what you thought of it.. This was also taken with a " Vivicam " digital camera."

Our notes for this photo were lost but from what we remember, the lamp itself is haunted and it comes on whether it's plugged in or not

Submitted by: Mary -

Bill writes, "Demon face in the corner - Call me for all the information. Note: This could also be two spirits facing each other in the corner of the room.

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