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Stone baby

Star writes, "This passed my desk and I thought I would better share with Ghoststudy. Here's the story... The patient is a 37-year-old Zairian female who lives in a village of Malongo at the headwaters of the Congo River. She presented with a relatively asymptomatic large abdominal mass. after the adhesions were removed, a four pound calcified fetus was removed. This appeared to be approximately a 32-week intra-abdominal pregnancy, which had died and calcified. In further questioning the patient, she stated that she had been pregnant about three years ago and everything seemed to be going fine, but "the baby never came out."

Eyeballs in the wind
Lisa writes, "This has got to be one of the weirdest pictures I have ever seen. It was taken at Ft. Clinch on Amelia Island in Florida. Ft. Clinch is extremely haunted and I've got several other strange pictures which I will be sending soon. (My brother does Civil War reenactments, and they've heard and seen some strange things on the occasions when they have garrisoned the fort.) This picture was taken with my son's expensive digital camcorder/camera. It was taken in a stairwell in one of the bastions of the fort. It was not raining that day, he had cleaned the camera lens with a soft, dry lens cloth before we arrived, and this is the only picture that turned out like this. It almost looks like hundreds of eyes. Creepy!!

Pigeon's ghost image after crash
Ashley writes, "These two pictures of from a pigeon that hit an office building. They don't know if the bird is covered in some sort of powdery dust or what. They'd like to think that the damn thing hit the window so hard that it left some kind of ghostly impression. What do you think? P.S. They looked for the bird for 2 days but could not find the carcass. All they could find were feathers. The imprint stayed on the window for about 3 months, even through rain."

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