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Eric writes, "I was at my brothers wedding and my uncle took this picture of everyone.  when we got it developed we saw a ghostly face right beside aunt janet (back row, far left) it really creeped us out!"

Preben writes. "I'm just sending you this picture of what appears to be an old man hiding in a tree. The picture wasn't taken by me, so I don't know any facts about it, but it's supposed to be an authentic photography. Real or not - it's still creepy! Enjoy."

Dara writes, "This is a photo that my friend gave me to send to you guys so I guess the copyright should go under her, but I'll put both of our names on it. I believe that the conditions in the picture were of a normal day. No clouds, sunshine, no rain. Me and my friends think its a fairy in the picture but we're not sure. Its very small but it seems that you can see the form of a woman with wings so we were hoping that you could look at it and tell us what you think. Thanks for you time and please email us with your response!"

Sea Serpent
Submitter writes, "This picture of a sea serpent was taken off the coast of Australia. It's authenticity has not been verified."

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