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Jesus in the clouds

Submitter writes,
"I don't know if your looking for these kinds of pictures but thought maybe it would interest you. It was taken at my Grandmas in Davidson NC out in the front yard."

Alien abduction
Steve writes, "I like your fake photo archive. Here's one I did of my mother and brother experiencing the Zen of Joshua Tree National Park in California. One could also say they were a levitation mother and son team. But I think if you look hard you can see they aren't really floating. cheers."
(Added just for fun)

Three faces?
Sasha writes, "Here's a picture of my TWO boys sitting on the sofa. There also seems to be another boy poking his head out from behind the sofa... and he has a very cheeky grin!"

Woman with baby
Randy writes, "This picture was taken in 1976 in Maui. The date and place of eruption are unknown. Many people believe that this photo is Pele(pay-lay), the Hawaiian goddess of fire, in a red cape, black hair about her shoulders and a niho palaoa, a whale-bone pendant faintly about her neck. The white steam appears as a "baby" in her arms--either a Hawaiian Madona, or Pele with her younger sister Hi'iaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele as a baby."

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