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Black spinning creature!
David writes, "I took these two photos with my digital camera a few days ago. This black ghost "thing" was spinning in circles in my backyard. After taking the two pictures, it disappeared in a sort of "poof" with a whining noise (kind of like a whimpering dog). It really creeped me out and I've had trouble sleeping since! I thought you would like to see the photos. I've been constantly looking out my window to see if it's returned- I hope it doesn't. Could this be a shadow person or a Banshee? I think it didn't like the sunlight, it seemed to be in some kind of a panic that it couldn't get away from. I sincerely hope it was just an optical illusion of some sort. As mentioned before- it really scared me!"

Animal creature on side of road
Pete writes, "Approximately 11:30 in the pm when I'm going home from a friends house... I'm driving down a pretty busy street when I see this strange animal come out into the road.. at first I thought it was a baby deer, so I slowed down almost to a stop when it picked up road kill with its mouth and dragged it into the farm on the side of the road... it was too dark to see where it went so I drove on... I drove maybe a block when my curiosity got the best of me and I made a U turn.. luckily I had my Olympus D-560 zoom digital camera so I took a few pictures blindly and hoped I got it... I came home plugged it in and there it is... its a bad shot cause u can only see the back but its still has a long flat busy tail, it is obviously a carnivore, its approximately 15-20 inches tall and 25-35 inches long, its ears are strait like that of a deer it has deer like legs, a dog like body, with a black patch on its back like a German Shepherd... I don't know what kind of animal that is or if it has a name if you do know its name or have any info please e-mail me back."

This creature has an abnormally long tail

Spirit shapes
Terri writes, "I took these photos at a party for departing Army National Guard troops held at an armory in January of 2003. I used 200 speed 35mm film and no flash. This gentleman is currently serving with my brother in Iraq. As I was scanning the pictures to send to my brother's fiancÚ, I noticed what I thought was a stain on the arm of this guy's shirt. When I scanned another I noticed a "stain" on the other arm. Upon closer inspection I noticed the strange geometric shapes below the "stains". These are the only two pictures on the whole role where this phenomena occurs (and these are the only two pictures where his hands and arms are clearly shown). Not sure if this is a warning of impending injury to his hands or if it's an indication that he has some sort of sword wielding angel going with him to battle. P.S .to Ghoststudy - I will be glad to send the originals if requested."

It's in the television set!
Nathalie writes, "Hello, I'm from the Netherlands and I want to know what's this is in the television?? We where in Disney land Paris, and we are taking this picture just before we are leaving the room to go out eating. My friends are standing here before the television, and I take this picture with my digital camera but I see a hand........and my friend also see a face in the left corner of the screen I'll like to know what it is... please sent me some answer. Thank you very much.

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