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How bizarre!
Debbie writes, "A friend sent me this photo, please tell me if it is real or not?"

No, we don't think it's real... but very well done.

Spooky face on the wall!
Kris writes, "This is a face on the wall (left bottom corner of the window) - I noticed this face after playing a game of darts (I had a dart board hung below the window - which isn't there in the picture). I scrubbed with a scrub brush with water, bleach, cleaner -- nothing altered the picture! I refused to go down in the basement after that! Let me know if this means anything!"

Stain on wall becomes bizarre face

Grand illusion of peering man!
Shawna writes, I feel that I should tell you right off the bat that this photo is an illusion. I took a picture of a mirror and to the right of me looks like a man peeking around the window frame at me. We came to the conclusion that it is a candle holder that I have hanging on the wall. Still its pretty creepy, huh?

Complete with handlebar mustache 

Angel with baby!
Bill writes, I found this in a chest full of old photos in my parents attic."

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