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Creepiness on the stairs!
Shley did not send her comments with this photo but we thought it was creepy enough to post even if it's just someone dressed up. Can you imagine opening your basement door and finding this guy?!

Creeeeepy man on the stairs.

Giant corpse!
Freddie writes, "I Found this picture in my files....don't think it's real...but it sure looks good....what do you think?"

It's definitely fake but well done. :)

Awesome Devil's Tower pictures!
Marilyn writes, "We were visiting Devil's Tower in Wyoming on August 30. It was approx. 7:00 p.m., getting dark. The conditions were foggy - ONLY at the tower.  We tried to get some photos, and we could when we were down below, but as we got closer, it would be covered.  I, believing in ghosts, my husband not, think that the photos he took with a digital camera shows orbs.  The Devil's Tower is a very spiritual location - native American Indians will pray there, etc.  I know you don't do evaluations, but I thought this may interest you.  My husband was POSITIVE there were not drops on his lens, because other photos he took did not have the round lights on them.  I would appreciate any comments.  If they are not orbs, at least they are very beautiful photos."

Devil's Tower at a distance 

This is probably a moisture orb but it's a gorgeous pic

Railroad tracks & a Rod!

Kane writes, "Here is a picture a friend of mine took...something weird is in it that I blew up on my MS paint....looks like a Roswell Rod or something...what do you think?"

Appearance of a rod in the sky

Blow-up of what looks like a rod

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