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Heavenly Messenger from beyond!
Tabby writes, "A friend let me scan this picture that he purchased on eBay. We're not sure if it's the original or a copy. The seller said that it was a messenger from heaven caught on film."

What a brilliant sky scene for such a messenger to appear

Heart shaped contrail!
This heart shaped trail was submitted without comments but believed to be created from airplane exhaust. 

This pilot really knew his stuff to create such a design

Heavenly Angel appears in clouds!
Bob writes, "This is New Bedford Standard-times photographer Mike Valeri’s photo in which some readers see a likeness of an angel. The paper was flooded with requests for copies of this heavenly photograph after it was reposted.”

Angel image is circled in red 

Rider in the sky!
Rich writes, "I shot this not seeing the “horse and rider” until I uploaded them to my computer. Not a ghost but a cool pic I think. The face of the rider looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper."

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