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Baby & his guiding Angel?
Elisabeth writes, "My daughter as a school project took this picture of my son from the front seat of my car into the back seat, which is a leather car seat.  You can clearly see a face over him.  Then she took a picture right after and It looks like it is either turning its head or  going away.  He is wearing a jacket, but the hood ends just under the chin.  Some say it is a nun and some people think it is Jesus?  Or maybe it is his guide?  I am looking for some answers as to what it is?  Should I go to the church or will they think I am crazy?"

It very well could be an optical illusion but who can say for sure.

The hazards of smoking!
Esther writes, "The photo I send you is obviously a fake; it was part of a campaign against smoking in the Netherlands. Well done though, I think!"

We're sure this campaign against smoking ad must have helped

Weeping lady tombstone!
Rachel writes, "This is a picture of the "Weeping Lady" tombstone in Parkersburg, WV. I liked the picture just because I thought it was a very sad and eerie tombstone as well as the legend that accompanies it. Legend has it that this "Weeping Lady" takes a stroll around DeSales Heights Academy (another hotbed of haunting which was demolished in 2002). As I was looking at the picture though...I see some figure to the top left hand corner of the tombstone, maybe just an illusion, but creepy none the less."

This stone is stained from what is believed to be from
the tears of the weeping stone lady, as the legend goes

Ghostly waterfall in Malaysia!
Samsuri writes, "Good day. I just received this pic from my friend. Lots of ghost activity in Southeast Asia especially Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Just see this picture."

Odd looking kid surrounded by ghostly mist as if in a water fall


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