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Hearse transformation!

Haunted Hearse
 (before & after)

Steve writes, "Here are some pictures of my 1972 Miller-Meteor Hearse. It was found abandoned behind a local mortuary where it had sat for seven years. I took both digital and 35 MM pics of it as it was recovered. In both types of film a ghost appears behind the wheel as it is towed. You will notice there is not a cloud in the sky so it is not a reflection. You can see a man's face complete with nose and long mustache, hands actually grasping the steering wheel even covering the steering wheel from view. The more the pic is enlarged the clearer the spirit becomes. Once at my house for restoration, shuffling noises and whispering could be heard by all. The shuffling was rather loud at times, so much so, I thought there was an electrical short. But with no keys and no battery that couldn't be it. The hearse spawns dreams also, of the haunted variety. Then for a spell, small items would disappear and come back later on or the next day. Sockets, wrenches, bolts just up and gone. My daughter's car keys also. They were found the next day on the front porch. I clearly heard a woman's voice say, "hello", one afternoon with absolutely no one there. I've seen people's feet as they walked by and I worked under the vehicle, only to notice them not continue as they passed by the other side. Or, the smell of sweet roses on a freezing 14 degree morning. The car is just about done now as far as the restoration goes and most of the pranks have stopped. They still surprise me now and then though. The license plate slogan is more than a novelty in this case.  I still get Orbs and Vortexes in my pics."
Steve's email address:

This abandoned hearse sat rotting behind a funeral home for 7 years.

The photo on the right displays a ghostly image as hearse is being towed

Pictures of Steve's abandoned hearse after being restored



Addition comments from Steve:
By the way, since I wrote you, another interesting thing has happened. You will notice I have a hand-blown glass Lilly flower vase on the dash. I had changed the flowers out and put some dried, scented flowers in the vase. The next time I went in the car, the flowers had been thrown on the seat. Jim, this is physically impossible due to the vase being mounted vertically on the dash! I guess some one didn't like the scent of the new flowers. No one in my family goes near, nor will they ride, in it.

Meet Steve - Owner and restorer of this amazing hearse
We here at Ghoststudy admire Steve for taking on such an exciting project. And the bonus was, the hearse is haunted!

Steve with his kitty cat... that's right, it's a black cat! :)

Tree growing through the hearse?
Steve writes, "I am attaching another pic with this email which I call the tree shot. This picture reveals the tree in the background that seems to be growing through the car! The closest tree on passenger side is some 30-35 feet away so it is not a reflection. After I saw this pic I tried to replicate it but it wouldn't work. It was pointed out to me that the face of an old black man can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the window as well. The hearse came from a black owned mortuary.

Note the position of the tree

Close-up of what looks like the tree is growing through the car!
Also note that the tree seems to have a face... probably just pixelization though

Our thanks to Steve for sharing his hearse experience. :)

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