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Creepy photo from old book!
Rib writes, "We found this photo in an old book, and boy were we amazed!"

Activity up above

Widows walk sighting
We don't have an opinion as to authenticity but it looks great!

High flying creature in York, England!
Betty writes, "I took this picture on a recent trip to York (England), and I noticed the strange object in the top left-hand side of the picture. Very strange indeed!"

High flying creature above

Close-up of this unusual flying object

Halloween decorations gone awry!
Margaret writes, "These are just some fun photos I made. The first one was made with Photodelux. It is an enhancement of our Halloween decorations. I love your website, but since viewing it, am afraid to take a photo with a television in it! You never know what is going to pop up!"

Motion was added to these ghost decorations, and what an effect!

Face in fireplace at Whaley house!
Trisha writes, "This picture was taken in the Whaley house. It was taken in the theater room on the wall across from the stage. You can see the face in the fireplace, it's the face of a man with a mustache. Maybe it's Thomas Whaley himself."

The face of a man with a flowing beard

Close-up of ghostly image

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