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Ah, my eyes are opened!

Non-human "being" caught on film!

This was posted on the Ghoststudy message board.
I'm from Concepción and have been working in Santiago for little over a a year. On May 10 this year I decided to take some photos at Parque Forestal, taking some 10 shots which I downloaded to my PC the following day. I thought it would be interesting to photograph a group of Carabineros (state police) on horseback patrolling the sector. The photo was taken at 17:40 hrs approximately from the corner of JM de la Barra and Av. Cardenal José María Caro, in front of bellas Bellas Artes and looking east. It was a cloudy day and the sun was hidden, for which reason my digital camera ( Kodak DX6490) adjusted to low speed (1/10 seg.). This is the reason why the photo shows motion (those knowledegable about photography will know the reason why)Furthermore, the Carabineros were som 20 meters distant, and I employed the camera's optical zoom (10x) which added to the blurred result. The fact is that I am very impressed by this image. I attest to the fact that it is not a fraud nor anything similar. For this reason I have made it public and I contacted the staff of CIFAE Chile. I would like to know the true nature of the image that appears in it and if anyone has ever caught anything similar in a photo. Nothing more. Germán Pereira A. Ing. Civil Mecánico.
See rense.com for more information

Creature is in front of the arrow and walking like a human


Face in the fire - even has hair!

They write, "I was browsing around and came across this strange pic. I've never seen anything like this before. Wondering what peoples thoughts are? Spooky or just a freakish coincidence??"

A viewer writes:
OK, is it me, or is the “Face in the fire” actually John Kerry? I mean, could it LOOK more like him? Having fun of course, enjoying your site as always.

Face coming out the fire looks like John Kerry!


Aliens in the field!

Jose writes, "I found this film clips on a Italian UFO site. They claim somehow that this was from an Italian UFO crash and that the alien survived and could be filmed in secret. I really don't have more information regarding this case. My Italian is not that good. This is all I can give you. Let me know what you think."

We are posting three of the four pics that were sent

Extraordinary capture if they are real

Apparently these were filmed in night vision

Hand pointing at the baby!

Shar writes, "I can make out a flaming hand pointing at my baby!

Looks as if a hand is pointing down at the baby



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